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At the core of my work: translation

Translation consists in transforming a message in the original language (source language) into an equivalent message in the destination language (target language). It is a written practice.

Complementary services: terminology & revision

The work of a terminologist revolves around creating multilingual glossaries for a specific area and keeping them updated. Glossaries can be created for a specific activity, a sport, or a company. Glossaries enhance the quality of ongoing translation projects by guaranteeing consistent vocabulary use across projects and copywriters. They can also save time: the terminologist researches and compiles all the specific terms for the benefit of other translators and copywriters collaborating on the project, or for future projects.

Revision plays an essential role in the quality of the final text. Once your translation is completed, it can be entrusted to a reviser who will bring a fresh perspective to the text to ensure that the terminology is consistent and that the language used is both correct and stylistically appropriate for your needs.

Working together

When you contact me with your needs using the contact form, I’ll respond within 2 working days and we’ll go over the details of your project together (volume, timeline, audience or intended use, existing resources, editorial style, etc). I’ll prepare an estimate based on your project’s complete specifications, and the translation process can often start as soon as you confirm the order.

Quality: my commitment and resources

I only translate into French, my native language, to be sure that all of the nuances of the source text are rendered with the skill and precision of a native copywriter. This guarantees that your French texts will not sound like translations.

As a member of the SFT, the French translators’ association, I work in compliance with the SFT Code of Professional Conduct which requires translators to respect confidentiality to refuse to undertake work which they cannot execute or have executed to a satisfactory standard.]

I hold a post-graduate degree from ESIT (École supérieure d’interprètes et de traducteurs), a highly regarded school for interpretation and translation at the Sorbonne in Paris which offers one of the most complete training programs available.

I follow the sports news and I keep up to date on all kinds of sports issues through reading, attending trade fairs and conferences, and of course, my own active practice of several sports.

I continually strive to improve my translation skills through professional trainings, reading, and meetings with other translators.
My working tools improve my productivity and support quality control before delivery of a translation by guaranteeing terminological consistency.

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