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Translation services are generally billed by the word to estimate quantity, while other services (terminology , editing and revision) are billed by the hour. The rate for translation can vary from one project to another depending on the following factors:

  • the text’s complexity and the level of technical expertise required,
  • the repetitiveness of the text,
  • the availability of preexisting glossaries,
  • the intended usage for the translation (e.g., an advertising campaign requires much more attention to style than a translation to be used for internal information),
  • how urgent the project is,
  • the file format provided by the client.

For a personalized estimate taking all of your needs into account, please fill out the contact form below providing as much information as possible: source language, type of text, number of words, existence of any glossary or translation memory, desired delivery date, file format, etc. You can also attach the file to be translated for evaluation, knowing that it will be treated with strict confidentiality.

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